We have worked with thousands of real estate agents over the years, including some of the top agents in the United States. We are real estate branding experts. Branding is a concept that extends far beyond just the marketing of a brand name product. In real estate, an agent’s brand reinforces their market identity, who they are, what they do, and the kind of service they provide. It is the most important way to differentiate yourself from everyone else. While working with these brand conscious agents, teams and offices, we have become proficient at helping you create your own unique brand that will distinguish you in your market. Our folders can be an essential tool for your success.

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:IMAGE We wrote the book. The Real Estate Pyramid is the definitive guide to Real Estate networking and branding. It was written by Richard Latour of Network Communications, and is a collection of techniques and case studies of some the most successful real estate agents in the United States. It is an important book, for those looking to succeed, in the competitive world of real estate sales. Networking in real estate is essential if you want spend more time at the closing table. The power of word-of- mouth advertising is a powerful way to achieving success. If you desire to become what we call a twenty-percenter, an agent in the top twenty percent, click here to request a copy. Click HERE

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Every year Richard Latour of Network Communications provides the free service of guest speaking to real estate agents. He addresses; association conferences, chapter meetings and real estate agency office meetings. His 30 minute to one hour long Power-Point presentation includes in depth discussions on branding and networking and is based on his book The Real Estate Pyramid. This presentation examines the methods and techniques of some of the nation’s top real estate agents, many of whom are his clients. All attendees receive a complimentary copy of his book. If your organization is looking for an exciting, informative, motivational speaker for your next event. Click HERE.

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The company that you choose to create your folders is vitally important to you. We have built our business on referrals from the clients we work with, and from our advertisers. The folders we create for you are always the same quality as our samples. There are no hidden charges to our advertisers. Our folders are always delivered in a timely manner, exactly as expected. We use only the highest quality 12-point bright white card stock. Our folders are printed in Vermont on a Heidelberg 8 color process press. We offer the highest quality folder available and charge less for advertising than any of our competitors. Network Communications provides sponsorship to Real Estate Associations at the local, state and national level. Our reputation is as important to us as yours is to you.